Brookfield Christian Reformed Church

Service Descriptions: What to Expect

At our 9:30 a.m. worship service, you can expect to join with 400-500 others, people like yourself, as we sing praise to God, hear his word proclaimed, and celebrate the sacraments. We confess our sins to God, lift up our prayers, and converse with God himself. It’s one of our goals to include everyone in worship, but those who attend more than once will get the full flavor of our worship. If you join us, you can expect to be greeted at the doors. An usher will assist you in finding a seat, and will also offer you a bulletin so that you can follow the movements of the worship service.

We usually begin with songs of praise, accompanied by a variety of instruments, and then move into a time of confession and prayer followed by the preaching of God’s word. Young children are dismissed before the message and take part in our Children In Worship program, where they learn themselves how to worship (parents are free to observe). The sacrament of baptism is generally celebrated on the second Sunday of the month, while we commemorate the Lord’s Supper on the third Sunday of each month. Coffee is provided during a time of fellowship after the worship service, and it’s a joyful time to be among God’s people.

Bibles are provided at all of our services, but feel free to bring your own.