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Pastor’s Notes

Pastor Peter VerhulstAs we move from Easter and Pentecost through the summer season, we also move from the Gospel of Mark to the mission of building the Church upon that Gospel message. A couple of questions that quickly arose among the early Christians were, “How do we keep this gospel pure?” and “What does it look like to live this gospel out?”

Timothy was a young missionary and pastor, mentored in these tasks by the apostle Paul himself. Paul refers to Timothy as “my true son in the faith.” The assignment Paul gave Timothy was to pastor the growing church at Ephesus. Paul then follows up that task with letters to Timothy encouraging him in in the supervision of the church and especially in the work of refuting false teachings that were arising in the Ephesian congregation.

In this series of messages, we’ll be looking at the Church through the lens of these letters of Paul to his young pastor friend. These letters are warm and personal, but also filled with binding instruction for the Church. We hope you’ll join us as we learn about the church through the letters between two faithful pastors.

The texts and topics we’ll begin with are:

May 7 - 1 Timothy 1:12-17
The Church’s Message
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May 14 - 1 Timothy 2:1-7
The Church’s Prayers
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May 21 - 1 Timothy 3
The Church’s Leaders
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May 28 - 1 Timothy 6:3-21
The Church’s Godliness
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July 23 - 2 Timothy 1
The Church’s Doctrine
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