Brookfield Christian Reformed Church

Pastor’s Notes

Pastor Peter VerhulstTen years ago our congregation, in preparation for moving into our new sanctuary, studied Bill Hybel’s book, “Just Walk Across the Room.” We did this intentionally. We agreed that moving into a new sanctuary would not change our hearts. While we hoped and prayed that our neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members would join us in our new worship space, we knew that we would not become better evangelists simply by building a new facility. Furthermore, a new worship space, while more attractive, would not on its own draw people far from Christ into relationship with Him. This responsibility would remain with the people!

So we challenged ourselves to better cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the task of personal evangelism—to walk when the Spirit said walk, to talk when the Spirit said talk, and to fall silent when the Spirit suggested we’d said enough.

Now, ten years later, we are revisiting this study. For many, this will be a refresher course. For others, it will be brand new. Either way, our prayer is that we commit ourselves anew to tuning our hearts to the Holy Spirit and being willing to venture out of circles of comfort and into the lives of the people around us. Every open seat around us on a Sunday morning should serve as a reminder that the Good Shepherd is still walking the hills and the fields in search of his lost sheep, and he has called us to each assist Him in that work.

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